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Mani is a motivated individual, who has a mindset ready for real estate and investment. In the beginning of his career life Mani dealt with corporate and retail training and has gained necessary skills and qualities to deal with many challenging situations: “Challenges come every day, every hour, and every minute of our life, it’s the positive approach and solutions that separate winners from the rest”. Aside from his professional life, Mani began investing in real estate and has seen many successes in building, renovation, and general real estate market. Mani’s goal as a realtor is to go above others and beyond his comfort zone, where the diamond of success exists. “Success comes when I challenge myself to do better”.

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As a Realtor, I take great emphasis on integrity, energy, hard work, and creativity in every detail of your real estate transaction. Growing up in Toronto, I’ve bared witness to the robust changes, expansion and redevelopment of the Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area) landscape. Studied Advertising and Corporate Marketing at Sheridan College, proceeded to work in a fast upscale environment as an Account Director. Leaned further towards sales and relationship management after a bridging career path years later. I must admit, I loved it and found myself more engaging with the direct needs and wants of the consumer/ client. With encouragement from family and friends, I got involved in real estate and have not look back since. As a Realtor, extreme professionalism and your satisfactions is my utmost priority.

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Mortgage Agent

As a mortgage broker, I’m here to help you make the difficult choices and bring clarity to your financing needs. I don’t work for a bank or lender, I work for you! I will simplify the process of finding the best mortgage for you by offering the best rates, terms and options—saving you time and money. Through my professional network, I have access to over 30 banks and lenders to get the mortgage that suits your unique individual situation. And because I’m not tied to any one bank or lender, my advice is truly unbiased. Best of all my service is absolutely free.

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Barrister & Solicitor  |  Real Estate Lawyer

So what makes me different? I pride myself in my commitment to exceeding client expectations. It is my ability to empathize with clients while going above and beyond that has led to returning clients and referrals. My motto is “Mitigate, not litigate!” Anyone can choose any lawyer but it is my bubbly personality coupled with my ability to successfully mitigate issues outside of the court room that has made me a trusted legal advisor. As I am enriched in family values, my goal is to unite family on a common ground when the family unit has dissipated.

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